Houston Rep. Al Green Will Push Another Impeachment Vote, Despite Pelosi's Resistance

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Al Green has already forced two votes aimed at impeaching President Donald Trump. On Tuesday, he declared that he will insist on a third such vote -- despite the resistance of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.Pelosi, D-Calif., told the Washington Post in an interview published Monday that impeachment would be "too divisive" and a bad idea, at least for now. The comments angered many progressives in her caucus.Green wasted little time making clear that he won't back down. He didn't call out Pelosi directly, though the two of them have clashed repeatedly over the issue."This Congress should have the opportunity to see where it stands on impeachment," the Houston Democrat told a small group of reporters in his office, where a copy of historian Allan Lichtman's book "The Case for Impeachment" was on a shelf behind his desk.  Continue reading...

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