House Chaplain Who Resigned Fights Back Against Ryan, Who Reinstates Him

Did Paul Ryan get a message from a higher power? Or was it a scathing letter that did the trick?In any event, the Rev. Patrick Conroy will return to his job as chaplain of the House of Representatives, it was announced Thursday -- a few hours after Conroy rescinded his own letter of resignation and fired some sharp barbs Ryan's way.Conroy's letter mentioned that a top Ryan aide told him "something like 'maybe it's time that we had a Chaplain that wasn't a Catholic.'"In response, Ryan, a Republican who asked Conroy to resign in April, reinstated the chaplain and said, "I have accepted Father Conroy's letter and decided that he will remain in his position as chaplain of the House."Ryan added, in a written statement, that "this body is not well served by a protracted fight over such an important post."   Continue reading...

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