Homeless LGBT Youth ‘allowed to Be Kids' at Promise House Shelter in Dallas

A Beyoncé music video plays on the TV, chore charts and teamwork posters plaster the walls, and a rainbow pride flag hangs above the couch — a reminder that the home is a safe place for the four young women living there. The brick home acts as a shelter for homeless gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender youth between ages 18 and 21 and is run by Promise House, a nonprofit that shelters and helps about 1,700 homeless youth and kids a year.No placard hangs on the door. Its address, in a quiet neighborhood in southern Dallas, isn't publicized. The organization doesn't reveal the women's names to protect their identities and keep them safe. The foursome have become a family. They divvy up chores, share family meals and budget for their groceries. One always, always wears high heels, her feet clicking as she hurries down the wood floor in the hallway to greet visitors. She loves to dress up, even when she's home. Their home is a safe place away from the glare of discrimination and glares in the outside world.  Continue reading...

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