Hits and Misses: We Salute a Life-saving Cowboys-Packers Rivalry and Raise a Dipped-cone Toast to DQ

Cowboys-Packers rivalry funds Coppell teacher's cancer fightHats off to the students and teachers at Coppell Middle School West who rallied around choir teacher Allison Hartzell when she was first diagnosed with cancer — and are doing so again after her cancer returned. They've found creative ways to raise money to defray medical expenses, including their marathon-running vice principal creating GoFundMe pages — one called CowboysRun4Allison, the other PackersRun4Allison —that good naturedly pit fans of both teams against each other. What a beloved teacher Hartzell must be to have the whole school join her in this fight.'Schoolhouse Rocker' left mark on millions of kidsIf we say "Conjunction junction," how many of you immediately chime in with "What's your function?" If you were a child — or raising one — in the last part of the 20th century, we're guessing nearly all of you could complete the lyric. "Conjunction Junction"is one of many musical animations written and sung by Bob Dorough, who died Monday at 94. An Army veteran and graduate of the University of North Texas, he headed to New York to pursue a career in the city's jazz scene. He eventually helped create ABC's Schoolhouse Rock!, which sought to teach children the basics of math, grammar and civics through memorable shorts.  Continue reading...

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