Highland Park's New Bike-share Law Lets Town Round Up and Auction Off ‘urban Litter'

Rent-a-bikes might be allowed to pile up in pastel pyramids on the sidewalks of Dallas. But in Highland Park? You know better.The town's residents and elected officials have seen Dallas' brightly colored clutter stretch into their streets and sidewalks and parks, and they are not pleased. A new ordinance passed by its town council makes that abundantly clear, because rather than regulating the rental bikes that have been dropped by the thousands on Dallas in recent months, Highland Park's ordinance essentially outlaws them altogether.Long ordinance short: Get those bikes out of town by nightfall or else.Says the law, which was passed Dec. 11 but won't be enforced until next week, rent-a-bikes left overnight on public property will be impounded, and it will cost the bike-share companies big bucks to liberate their rides -- the price begins at $30 for the first bike, and goes up to $100 for the fourth and beyond. And if the two-wheelers are left in the town's possession for longer than 15 days, Highland Park will sell them to the highest bidder.  Continue reading...

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