High School Students Bash Trump in AP Test, Then Tweet About It

High school students took the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition exam Wednesday, and some seized the opportunity to rant about President Donald Trump. Then, they took to Twitter to tell all about about it. But College Board, the organization that administers the test, says it's against the organization's policy for students to talk about free-response questions until two days after the exam, and then, only if the questions have been posted to its website. "Students are notified that disclosing exam content, regardless of topic, can result in their scores being canceled," said Jaslee Carayol, associate director of media relations for College Board, in an email. "It is important that students abide by this policy in order to ensure the fairness and integrity of the exams for all AP students." Carayol said it's uncertain if students this year have faced consequences for tweeting and posting memes about the test on social media. If they did face discipline, it wouldn't be because they wrote about Trump, but because they posted about the exam before the two-day window had passed. "It has nothing to do with Trump or the subject matter," wrote Stephanie Smith, an English teacher at McKinney North High School, in a message on Twitter. "The AP exam is given worldwide, so College Board requires that students not talk about [it]."On Wednesday, she posted a message on Twitter reminding students not to tweet about the exam.   Continue reading...

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