Here’s What Really Matters in Frisco ISD Lawsuit — and How Saturday’s Election Fits in

In the court of public opinion — presided over by Facebook — Frisco ISD parent Suresh Kumar has been held in contempt.Kumar filed a lawsuit April 16 alleging that the school district’s at-large system for electing trustees discriminates against Frisco ISD’s rapidly growing Asian population. And while Kumar, his lawyers and the Frisco ISD are mostly mum, the conversation on social media has painted the Indian-American plaintiff as a troublemaker intent on sabotaging a thriving school system. Folks are especially bent out of shape that Kumar filed his lawsuit just before early voting began in three Frisco ISD board races — two of which include Asian candidates.Not every commenter is horrified by the possibility of single-member districts, but on community-wide Facebook pages, the responses mostly read like these: “The race card is being played,” “How about if Kumar focuses on getting out the vote rather than complaining?” “Lawsuit trolls are everywhere based on flawed logic” and “This is the wrong road for our district.”Accusations also abound regarding which minority candidates Kumar has — and has not — supported in recent years. Many question whether the plaintiff, a CPA and Collin County GOP precinct chair, is driven by political ideology, not racial justice.But the public shellacking on social media is nothing more than a sideshow to a case that will hinge on data and demographics, not on community outrage or Kumar’s popularity.  Continue reading...

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