Here’s How the Stunning Delay on Controversial Plano Tomorrow Plan Vote Might Shift City’s Political Dynamics

Hundreds of Plano residents packed council chambers late Monday anticipating they’d witness the death of the city’s much-reviled master development plan.But before the public comments started, a big chunk of the warriors against Plano Tomorrow dejectedly trickled out to their cars.Soon after its joint meeting with the City Council began, Planning and Zoning Commission members voted to table the decision on Plano Tomorrow until at least next month. The P&Z members said needed more time to evaluate exactly what is at stake.The commission’s decision sent an electric shock through most everyone on hand — and gave the city a needed pause in its divisive, years-long battle that has defined its political scene.Many audience members had told me they couldn’t wait to witness the city dumping the plan — which critics feared would destroy Plano’s suburban atmosphere — in favor of its previous 1986 planning blueprint. They acknowledged that the old plan wasn’t perfect, but they could live with that until the council could come up with something better.But surprisingly, of the 34 people who had signed up to speak, the overwhelming majority voiced support of the Plano Tomorrow plan. Perhaps the foes, confident of what many of us expected to be a slam-dunk victory, just hadn’t felt much need to talk.Regardless, the result was an evening of high praise for a city that the critical citizens have repeatedly kicked hard in the past year.  Continue reading...

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