Here’s a New and Inexpensive Way to Get Help Protesting Your 2018 Property Tax

What if a website existed that could predict for free your chances of winning a 2018 property tax protest?What if this same website could - for $65 - create a report of comparable properties in your neighborhood to include in an online appeal to lower your tax bill? Or, if that doesn't work, use the report as expert evidence at your protest hearing?Homeowners have longed for a product like this, and finally it's here. Meet the website -- -- and its creator Glenn Goodrich.Glenn is a 32-year-old licensed property tax consultant, quick to point out that though he's young, bearded and working out of communal space in Deep Ellum, he's credible. "I've been working on this technology for years," he says.Glenn invited The Watchdog to look at his project last year. I did, but it wasn't ready to share with Watchdog Nation.  Continue reading...

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