Here Are 11 New Scams and Schemes Readers Want You to Know About

As I begin this latest offering of the "Dawg's Bulletin Board" - in which The Watchdog shares the latest scam alerts from readers like you - my phone suddenly rings."Hi, we're from Texas Home Services, and we're going to be in your neighborhood tomorrow. We can come by and do a roof inspection. What time would be best for you?"When he hears my answer, he says: "Oh, I'll take you off the list."So what magic words did I utter? How'd I dump this jerk so he dumps me?"Sorry, man," I said. "I moved to Alaska."Reader alertsHere in the Lone Scam State, you must be creative in today's scammy world. That's why I invite you to my Watchdog Nation party at 7 p.m. on Saturday (Feb. 16) at Interabang Books, 10720 Preston Road, Dallas, 75230, on the southeast corner of Preston Road and Royal Lane.I'll show you how to live a scam-proof life and avoid buying poor products or hiring bad people.I've learned so much from readers about the good, bad and the ugly.With today's "Dawg's Bulletin Board," here are the latest alerts from you.Fake Oncor scammers - from Thomas A. Clark  Continue reading...

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