Her “name” Is “Jane Doe,” and She Escaped Sexual Slavery Through Courage and Dignity

We wish we could know her as more than “Jane Doe” so we could let her know how proud we are that she had the courage to break the bonds of forced prostitution.Last month, “Jane Doe” entered a Texas Department of Public Safety office to apply for an identification card. Nearby was a man who had accompanied her to the center.This seemingly innocent scene soon revealed itself to be far from innocuous. The Fort Worth woman took a chance to furtively slip a note to a clerk. On the note were the words “I am a victim of human traficin [sic].”Imagine a pimp so arrogant that he would enter a DPS office full of law enforcement officers with a woman he was pimping. Some women caught in a trafficker’s spell would have done nothing. “Jane Doe” pushed back.  Continue reading...

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