Haltom City Police Investigating Officer Who Allegedly Spanked Two Kids With Grandmother's Consent

After stopping two children from nearly running into traffic in early November, a Haltom City police officer spanked them with their grandmother's consent - and now he's under investigation.Last week, as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported, the Haltom City Police Department became aware of the incident and launched an internal probe into the matter."The complaint was received through an internal source and is currently being investigated by the Professional Standards Unit," Chief Cody Phillips told the newspaper in an email Tuesday. "Once the investigation, including interviews with all parties, is concluded, any action(s) taken by the department will be determined based on the findings of the investigation."The officer, who is not being identified, remains on duty.The grandmother, who spoke to the Star-Telegram on the condition she not be named, said she called 911 after her 5-year-old grandson broke a backyard gate at their south Haltom City home and ran toward busy Carson Street, followed by his 6-year-old sister.The kids stopped once they saw the patrol cars, which had quickly arrived. One of the officers guided them back home, but, their grandmother said, didn't appear to take him seriously when he explained the dangers of their actions."He asked if I could get a belt and if he could spank them," she said. "I said yes. I went in, got the small belt and came back outside."She retrieved a child-size belt and spanked each child, she said, after which the officer did the same, striking each once with what she described as "little taps." Neither cried nor was hurt, she said."This has all been blown out of proportion," she said. "I gave that officer permission to spank them. He didn't hurt them."The incident was witnessed by two other officers, a neighbor and the neighbor's 10-year-old daughter, the newspaper said.  Continue reading...

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