Group of Dallas Clergy Supports DA Creuzot's Policies to Reduce Incarceration

District Attorney John Creuzot is working to end mass incarceration in Dallas County. He has issued policies that are different from what we’ve seen in Dallas, and some haven’t been seen in any other city in the country. Instead of relying on caging the poor and mentally ill and targeting people of color to bring about justice, he has taken a leap forward using our criminal justice system as it is intended: to safeguard the community against real threats. As clergy and faith leaders in Dallas County we applaud Creuzot for taking this bold step toward creating a genuinely equitable justice system for all of us, and we support him as he moves forward.We are not surprised there are those in positions of power who would like to see more of the same. However, we will not allow this dominant yet minority few to ignore research-based, data-driven approaches in order to circumvent the will of the people. We consider every new policy implemented by Creuzot to be promises kept to the community that elected him. Changing the balance of power will bring angst. We urge those who are resistant to change of this sort to step back and to consider what is at stake. Creuzot is bringing not only much-needed empathy but also compassion to a system charged with keeping every person in our community safe.The Rev. Michael Greene, Highland Hills United Methodist ChurchThe Rev. Kamilah Hall-Sharp, The GatheringThe Rev. Frederick Haynes, Friendship West Baptist ChurchThe Rev. Kwesi Kamau, Impact ChurchThe Rev. Phea Kennedy, New Jerusalem African Methodist Episcopal ChurchThe Rev. Marcus King, Disciple Central Christian ChurchThe Rev. Jaime Kowlessar, City Temple Seventh-day Adventist ChurchThe Rev. Edwin Robinson, Dallas Black ClergyThe Rev. Irie Session, The GatheringThe Rev. Michael Waters, Joy Tabernacle/Agape Temple African American Episcopal ChurchesBaranda J. Fermin, Sunday Spread, Union CoffeeRachel Triska, Life in Deep EllumThe Rev. Michael Gregg, Royal Lane Baptist ChurchThe Rev. George A. Mason, Faith CommonsAlmas Muscatwalla, Faith Forward DallasImam Omar Suleiman, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic ResearchKate Morgan, Church of the Elohist ThelemaThe Rev. Neil G. Cazares-Thomas, Cathedral of Hope United Church of ChristFadya Risheq, American Muslims for PalestineThe Rev. Pam Fields, Visible Unity Inc.Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick, Christian Methodist Episcopal ChurchThe Rev. Kerry Smith, United MethodistThe Rev. Debra Loudin-McCann, LutheranThe Rev. Manda Adams, First Community Church UCCDeanna Hollas, Retreat House Spirituality CenterThe Rev. Karen Fry, CSLDallas, A Center for Spiritual LivingDanielle Shroyer, Spiritual DirectorChris Slaughter, Third Church of Christ, ScientistCantor Don Alan Croll, Congregation Beth El BInahThe Rev. Phillip Dieke, United MethodistsS. Dianna Masters, United MethodistsRabbi Andrew Paley, Temple ShalomThe Rev. Beth Dana, First Unitarian Church of DallasThe Rev. Heather Mustain, Faith Forward DallasAndrew Fiser, North Texas Conference of the United Methodist ChurchColín Packer, Greenville Oaks Church of ChristRabbi Nancy Kasten, Faith CommonsThe Rev. Jimmy Greene, Faith United MethodistThe Rev. Freedom McAdoo, African Methodist EpiscopalChristian Watkins, St. Luke/Warren United Methodist ChurchesThe Rev. Daniel Kanter, Unitarian UniversalistRachel Griffin Baughman, Oak Lawn United Methodist ChurchKathy Lee-Cornell, Presbyterian ChurchHolly Gaskill Bandel, First United Methodist Church, DallasRabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen, Reform JudaismCantor Vicky Gilkin, Temple Emanu-ElThe Rev. Aaron White, First Unitarian Church of DallasDaniel Utley, Temple Emanu-El  Continue reading...

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