Grandmother Died Shielding Grandson in Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS -- As a gunman's bullets flew through the little church, Peggy Warden threw herself over her grandson. She was his shield.Zach Poston, 18, was still shot while lying on the ground. He was bleeding heavily, but he had the wherewithal, when he saw a young girl hiding under a pew about to run out, to kick her back underneath. The gunman, dressed in all-black body armor and a helmet, seemed to be shooting anyone who moved. As Poston kicked to stop the girl, the gunman must have seen his leg move. A bullet shattered his kneecap. The rapid-fire shooting lasted several minutes, but felt like forever to those inside First Baptist Church. It ended after a neighbor confronted the gunman with his own rifle. When the gunfire stopped inside the church, Poston turned back to his grandmother and asked if she was OK. She didn't respond. She'd been shot in the back and killed.   Continue reading...

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