GOP Mail-in Ballot Fraud Bills Focus on Criminal Penalties, But Critics Say More Changes Are Needed

This is a developing story and will be updated. Texas lawmakers say the best way to combat mail-in voter fraud is to fine the heck out of the offenders and toss them in jail.In response to a rash of absentee voter fraud in West Dallas, Grand Prairie and other parts of the state, the Republican-controlled Legislature is expected to approve bills during its special session that increase penalties for mail-in election crimes targeted at the elderly.Misdemeanors will become felonies, and low-level felonies will get an upgrade. The fines associated with the crimes also increase."Once we increase the penalties, including turning misdemeanors into felonies, our hope is we won't be dealing with mail-ballot fraud anymore," said Rep. Craig Goldman, R-Fort Worth.  Continue reading...

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