God Is Not Fooled by Our ‘thoughts and Prayers' for Las Vegas

Not in single spies when sorrows come, but in battalions, to quote Shakespeare.Here we are again: slain again senselessly, riddled again idiotically by a repeating evil. Our words, and even our prayers, now so hollow, there's a sort of rot set in. Society's spirit is dying, not because it must die, of course, but because we're letting it.Familiar pain, familiar nausea, familiar tears, 59 dead this time. Familiar too, the back-and-forth, the damned confidence of those on the right and the left, only damning us to more of the same because of their rehearsed and purchased opinions.Our politicians remain as Mark Twain said they were, men and women who cannot afford views of their own. And let's be clear, they share a great deal of blame. Again, Twain was and remains right about them: "where the party leads they will follow, whether for right and honor, or through blood and dirt and a mush of mutilated morals."  Continue reading...

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