Girl Scouts Already Gives Girls What Boy Scouts Plans to Offer

Courage. Character. Confidence. The words seem simple, but they are the foundation of the Girl Scouts movement.I've been involved in Girl Scouts since I was 7 years old. I joined as a first-grade Brownie (this was before Daisies existed), and I stayed with it through high school, earning my Girl Scout Gold Award. I became an adult volunteer, and I now lead two active troops in Richardson.All this is to say that I have a vested and concerned interest in the Boy Scouts' recent announcement that they'll start allowing girls to join their ranks.While I acknowledge and respect that every family is different, I ask you to take an honest look at Girl Scouts. It's about much more than our yummy cookies. In fact, Girl Scouts offers everything that Boy Scouts does in terms of programming.Does you daughter want to go camping? Great. Girl Scouts have always gone camping and will continue to go camping. Not every troop goes camping monthly, but some do. Both my troops go at least twice a year.  Continue reading...

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