George W. Bush Touts Ways to Help a ‘tremendous National Asset': America's Veterans

WASHINGTON -- Former President George W. Bush on Friday emphasized the need to help veterans "if they need help," convening a major policy summit to explore ways to ease the transition from the military to civilian life.Bush, speaking a stone's throw from the White House, said the U.S. is fortunate to "have had millions volunteer in the face of danger." He made clear that vets are a "tremendous national asset" -- "folks who got a Ph.D in life without ever having to go to college."But he said more could be done to channel Americans' passion for supporting the troops into tangible results.Taking care of veterans' health, including when it comes to the "invisible wounds of war." Aiding veterans in gaining access to higher education. Helping veterans find "meaningful employment." Developing programs to assist military families."The fundamental question ... is finding out that which works and focus on a result -- not who gets credit, but how can we help the vets' transition," Bush said.  Continue reading...

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