Gasoline Shortages Have Finally Arrived in North Texas

This story will be updated throughout the dayHurricane Harvey has finally reached local gas pumps.The QuikTrip chain announced Wednesday that it would limit fuel supply to more than one-third of its 135 North Texas locations. Fifty or so locations might run out of gasoline and diesel so that the other 85 remain fully stocked, company spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said.He said the drivers will be able to go the company website later to identify which stations have supplies and which ones are out. The fully-stocked locations will be strategically located throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.As Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast, it also shut down a large portion of the nation's fuel supply. That area of Texas is home to nearly one-third of the country's oil refining capacity.The closures of refineries and some pipeline that transport fuel have tightened supplies and increased prices. The QuikTrip announced was the first sign of what that might mean for drivers.  Continue reading...

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