Frisco's Recent String of Coyote Attacks Is Super Weird, by Urban Wildlife Standards

FRISCO — When her husband got a promotion at his company in London, Sunita Kurup and her family had to choose where to move: Chicago or Texas.After renting for a year in Plano, they chose to buy a home in Frisco like other newcomers flocking to the booming community because of the good schools and newly-built neighborhoods.Like many other newcomers flocking to booming Collin County, they chose to buy a home in Frisco for it's schools and newly built neighborhoods.“It seemed safe,” Kurup said. “It felt like home.”That was before the string of violent coyote attacks just a few blocks away.Now she won’t let her kids play outside without supervision. She doesn’t leave trash out overnight like she used to, and she always checks her front door’s security camera to check for coyotes before grabbing packages off the porch.“I’m super scared,” she said.  Continue reading...

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