Frisco Police to Crack Down on Security Systems After 2,000-plus False Alarms in Four Months

Beginning Jan. 1, Frisco police will start enforcing a new ordinance meant to curb false security alarms at homes and businesses.Between Aug. 1 and Nov. 30, the department responded to more than 2,000 false alarms that required 577 personnel hours and cost thousands of taxpayer dollars.The new ordinance adds a $250 fine for operating an alarm system without a permit. The ordinance also spells out fees that vary depending on the type of alarm and the number of false reports. Violations of the city ordinance are misdemeanors that carry a penalty of up to $500. Police are using an online system called Cry Wolf that allows people to apply for permits, pay fees and receive notices. Details are available at For questions, call the Frisco Police Department's Alarm Unit at 972-292-6062.  Continue reading...

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