Frisco Police Launch New Way for Residents to Track Neighborhood Crime

Police have introduced a new way for Frisco residents to track crime reports in their neighborhoods.The new interactive map can be found at and features icons for different kids of crimes reported. Click an icon on the map and get basic details including date, time and incident number.Map icons are not placed on the specific location of the reported crime, but on the nearest block."The Frisco Police Department is committed to using technology as another layer of transparency, public access and community engagement with our citizens and business owners," deputy chief Jason Jenkins said in a statement. "It is our hope that the Crime Mapping Dashboard will provide a geographical view of police-related activity to better inform our citizens, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in crime."A mobile version of the map has yet to be introduced, but is in the works, according to the release.The map is separate from another interactive map Frisco police released last month to track coyote sightings. That map can be found at  Continue reading...

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