Frisco Man Released From Federal Custody Again While Awaiting Trial on Health Care Fraud Charges

A Frisco man jailed in February over an online gambling habit that violated a judge's order has once again been released from federal custody while awaiting trial on health care fraud charges.U.S. Magistrate Judge Irma C. Ramirez signed an order Monday that added new conditions for the release of Bradley J. Harris, 36. The judge's order bans him from participating in any gambling activities. Harris is to be detained at home with a GPS monitor when not working or doing other approved activities, the order states. He also must turn control of his finances over to someone else and enter counseling to address gambling addiction behaviors, according to the order.The judge's order comes as Harris prepares for a Jan. 7 trial date. He was indicted last year along with his wife, Amy, and 12 others in a $60 million Medicare fraud scheme.Harris and the others have all denied any wrongdoing.  Continue reading...

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