Frisco ISD Drops Pay-to-play Sports Fees Next Year After Texas School Funding Revamp

Families in Frisco won't have to cough up $200 for their kids to participate in high school sports next year, the school district announced this week.Since 2017, Frisco ISD has been one of only a few area school districts that have a "pay-to-play" policy for middle and high school sports. Over the next year, the district announced, it will review all extra-curricular fees and will cancel athletics fees for 2019-2020.The district started the policy — charging $100 for middle school athletes and $200 for high school athletes — after cuts in state funding and local voters rejected a tax increase in 2016. Now that the district is receiving an estimated $25.2 million from the state as a result of a school funding overhaul, Frisco ISD's board of trustees agreed Wednesday to temporarily remove the athletics fees while studying all extra-curricular costs.  Continue reading...

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