Frisco Company’s Claims That Its Supplement Can ‘weaponize’ the Minds of Gamers Draws Scrutiny

A Frisco-based nutritional supplement maker that was created by a notable video game designer is taking heat for claiming that its product gives players a competitive mental edge.Boss Level Labs on FM 423 in Frisco launched GodMode in October. The supplement is described as a memory and mind “accelerator” that contains 14 clinically proven ingredients. “In gaming, your mind is your true weapon. With GodMode you’ll weaponize your mind,” a YouTube video last year said. In announcements pitched to gamers across the U.S., the product was called “a veritable cheat mode for the mind” containing substances that result in faster and clearer thinking and a “Yoda-like”calm.The industry took note, particularly because one of the Boss Level Labs co-founders is Texas native Scott Miller, who founded video game developer 3D Realms (formerly known as Apogee Software) and was key in the creation of classic games such as Duke Nukem and Max Payne. He has been credited with revolutionizing the gaming industry by introducing shareware, the concept of giving away the first part of a game for free and charging for the rest.  Continue reading...

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