Fresh CIA Files Released on JFK Assassination

WASHINGTON -- The National Archives released another 676 records on the Kennedy assassination on Friday, mostly from the CIA's files.Many contain redactions. Among the new documents: transcripts of intercepted phone calls made by assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to the Russian and Cuban embassies in Mexico City during his trip there a few weeks before the killing.The CIA had Oswald, a sharpshooter and a rare U.S. defector to the Soviet Union, under surveillance and some scholars expect the remaining files to show the CIA and FBI botched opportunities to prevent the tragedy.Friday's release came eight days after President Donald Trump agreed to last-minute requests from the CIA and other agencies to block release of some material, citing national security concerns.A 1992 law mandated the release by Oct. 26 of all remaining files regarding the murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, unless the president deemed such material damaging to law enforcement, diplomacy or intelligence gathering.Trump had vowed a sweeping release before the deadline. His decision to withhold hundreds of long-sealed files left researchers disappointed, and Trump's own impatience seemed clear.  Continue reading...

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