Freedom Protesters in Iran Will Eventually Prevail, But They Need Our Help

The world is again witnessing the Iranian people expressing their legitimate demands for freedom, human rights and a better life. For the past two weeks, Iranians have been peacefully and courageously defying the brutality of the mullah regime and the Islamic republic system through civil disobedience and protests.The protests are against Iran's "Supreme Leader" Ali Khamenei, the president, Hassan Rouhani, and the entire Islamic republic system. What started as an anti-Rouhani protest in Mashhad, Iran's second largest city, quickly turned into anti-establishment protest and spread to more than 70 cities. In addition to slogans such as "death to dictator," "leave Syria, think about us," "independence, freedom, Iranian republic" (as opposed to "Islamic" republic), the young protesters also shouted in support of Reza Shah, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty in 1925, due to his legacy as a patriotic ruler who brought modernism, secularism, security and territorial integrity for Iran.Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the mullah regime is using the Revolutionary Guards and the Basiji security forces and their non-Iranian mercenaries — who are masters of repression and crowd control — to combat the freedom protests. These militia-thugs are committing daily atrocities, including using lethal force, to suppress the Iranian people in an attempt to crush their home-grown freedom movement. The regime has already killed more than 20 and arrested close to 3,000 demonstrators.  Continue reading...

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