Four Women Sue Giant Carrollton Spa, Alleging Employees Are Peeping Toms

Four women have sued a Carrollton spa alleging that male employees harassed them and took cellphone pictures of them in various states of undress in the facility's locker rooms. The four women all visited Spa Castle separately on June 15 and detailed similar experiences of being photographed and watched by employees as they showered or undressed.One woman, referred to as Y. H. in the lawsuit, said she was sitting in a chair by the pool when she saw three spa employees taking pictures of women in their bathing suits. She said the employees would each hold a phone in their hand and clutch a towel over it in attempts to conceal it while they took pictures."They would also motion and signal to another to take photos, if one person was in a better position to snap a photo," according to the lawsuit.  Continue reading...

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