Fort Worth Police Chief Fires Officer Who Shot Man Carrying Barbecue Fork

A Fort Worth police officer was fired Wednesday, a month after a mistrial was declared in his trial where he faced a charge of aggravated assault by a public servant for shooting a man who was carrying a barbecue fork.Officer Courtney Johnson shot Craigory Adams, 55, in June 2015. He had commanded Adams to drop the fork, and Adams complied moments before Johnson fired, police said. Adams' wounds weren't life-threatening.Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald reviewed the internal discipline and met with Johnson Tuesday, according to a police news release."At the end of the day, my decision is about safety, security, and community confidence in our officers," Fitzgerald said in a statement. "Johnson made the wrong decision, and he could have killed Craigory Adams. It's important to note that Mr. Adams had knelt and dropped the barbecue fork he was holding, and was compliant at the time he was wounded."Fitzgerald called the decision appropriate to reinforce that "the department's training prepares officers to be cautious and prepared to confront tense, emotional, and uncertain situations."  Continue reading...

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