Fort Worth Family Held at Gunpoint While Intruders Threatened to Kill 3-year-old, Police Say

A Fort Worth couple was held at gunpoint and their 3-year-old child was threatened when several people forced their way into their home early Monday, police said. About 3:30 a.m., the intruders confronted a husband and wife in the house in the 4000 block of Grover Avenue. One man fired a shot inside and grabbed the couple's 3-year-old. He threatened to kill the child if they did not give them money, police said. The couple gave the men cash, credit cards and their identification.Surveillance footage showed four people arriving at the house in a light-colored vehicle, possibly a Dodge Charger. Two men, both of whom wore masks over their faces, went inside the house. Anyone with information is asked to call Fort Worth police at 817-392-4469.   Continue reading...

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