Fort Worth Builder Using Digital Funding Platform to Finance Community

A Fort Worth-based developer is moving ahead with plans to use a digital currency platform to fund its $655 million residential project in Tarrant County.Serene Country Homes Group has begun a fundraising effort for its project with a blockchain online platform using digital currency.The funding will be used to build the 2,385-home residential community called Sendera Ranch, located near U.S. Highway 287."This is just the first of many projects we are hoping to launch in the real estate token ecosystem," Serene Country Homes president Dirk Foo said in a statement. "As we grow and expand to more markets, RET will help us to realize our goal of bringing affordable homes to more families in North America."Early this year Serene Country Homes annoucned it was going to be one of the first U.S. builders and developers to use the digital blockchain fundraising platform to fund its new projects.The builder had been working for several months with a Chinese firm to set up the program.Serene Country Homes Matthew Carreon said the developer has bought the land but is waiting on construction."The development will start in about 18 months," Carreon said. "It will be spread across several phases."The fundraising is ongoing."  Continue reading...

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