Former Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, NATO Nominee, Speaks Before Senate Committee

WASHINGTON — Former Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison was introduced as the president’s nominee for NATO representative Thursday, telling senators about her commitment to the military alliance and her plans for defending the security of its members. During her testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Hutchison also applauded Congress’ efforts to sanction Russia and discussed NATO’s plans.“We are beefing up defense for an aggressive Russia. As NATO has said, they are not going to do business as usual with Russia if they violate the agreement they made,” she said, referring to the recently renegotiated ceasefire with Ukraine, where a military conflict has been raging since 2014.Hutchison also said there was a “good likelihood” of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election. After her testimony, she told The Dallas Morning News that “all of the evidence that we’re seeing coming out more and more is [of] Russia meddling in other countries and in our country.”  Continue reading...

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