Former Client of Woman Accused of Administering Fatal Butt Injection Called the Procedure Painful

A woman who got a "Wee Wee Booty" said the injections to her backside were so painful that she'd rather give birth again than go through another amateur cosmetic procedure. The woman described her experience receiving butt injections during the murder trial for Denise Rochelle "Wee Wee" Ross. Ross is accused of administering a lethal injection in 2015. Ross was known for giving women bigger butts, and her appointments were made by word-of-mouth. Lauren Johnson testified Friday that she drove from Houston to get the procedure done in 2013. She watched as a man filled syringes with a clear liquid from a Tupperware bowl and handed them to Ross and her partner. Then Ross and the other woman injected three needles into each buttock and pushed syringes of silicone under the skin.Ross is charged with murder and practicing medicine without a license, accused of performing the amateur cosmetic enhancements. Wykesha Reid, 34, was found dead on Feb. 19, 2015, at a salon in the 3800 block of East Side Avenue, near Deep Ellum.   Continue reading...

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