Former Baylor Student Was Gang Raped by Baylor Football Players, She Claims in Title IX Lawsuit

This breaking news story is being updated.A former Baylor student says in a lawsuit that as many as eight players on the school's football team drugged and gang-raped her.The woman, referred to as Jane Doe, says that she was attending a party in February 2012 at an apartment where several football players lived.She said she became intoxicated and cannot recall portions of the night, but she remembers one football player picking her up and putting her in his vehicle. She was taken to another location where she says at least four football players raped her.Later, other people told her that as many as eight football players were involved.After the rape, the victim remembered hearing someone yell "Grab her phone! Delete my numbers and texts," the lawsuit says.Later, the woman said members of the football team taunted her, telling her that she "wanted it" and that one of the men involved had taken pictures of her during the rape.The lawsuit is the seventh Title IX lawsuit filed against the Waco university.Staff writer Sarah Mervosh contributed to this report.  Continue reading...

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