For the Biggest Payoff, GOP Must Deliver a Tax Cut Bill by Thanksgiving

NEW YORK -- Tax cuts before turkey!The GOP Congress should deliver a giant, beautiful, massive tax-reform bill to President Donald Trump's desk no later than Wednesday, Nov. 22. That's Thanksgiving Eve. Enacting a $1.5 trillion tax cut will let Washington Republicans savor their roasted birds after a job well done. (The House of Representatives' 216-212 passage of the Senate's budget blueprint on Thursday morning advances this goal.)More important is what follows Thanksgiving: Black Friday.Consumers with lighter tax burdens will turbocharge the Christmas shopping season. The shaky retail sector will rebound. This should boost fourth quarter economic growth and hike corporate earnings in the first quarter. Atop a chop in corporate taxes from 35 percent to 20, instant expensing of business purchases, the death of the Death Tax, and more, the economy should roll swiftly forward -- like a bowling ball speeding toward the dusty pins of the Bush-Obama years.  Continue reading...

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