For Texan of the Year I Nominate Four Price for Revamping Mental Health Care in Texas

Four Price found common ground in the 85th Texas Legislature, a political rarity in the Lone Star State.And it only required going to jail to do it.Price, state representative for House District 87 in the Texas Panhandle, spearheaded several pieces of legislation related to mental health. The bills may not have been as sexy or headline-grabbing as bathroom bills, but make no mistake about it, the bills were more substantial and meaningful.Price succeeded in getting the state of Texas to completely revamp how it treats and cares for those suffering with mental illness. For that reason, I nominate Price for Texan of the Year. "It doesn't really matter whether you are a Republican or a Democrat," Price said. "It doesn't matter whether you come from an urban or rural area. Everyone faces (mental health) challenges in communities."  Continue reading...

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