For Texan of the Year I Nominate Blight-fighting Superhero Reid Porter

In the movies, heroes made of steel arrive faster than speeding bullets to stop the bad guys with superhuman strength and great one-liners. Real life doesn't work that way, especially in the more dangerous corners of inner-city Dallas.Criminal elements often control entire neighborhoods, leaving brave citizens few options other than to keep their heads down and pray that the violence, drugs, and prostitution next door don't find their children. Reid Porter, my nominee for Texan of the Year, has dedicated his life to shifting that balance and has achieved amazing results in 2017.Porter was litigating big cases for bigger bucks not long ago. As Porter's legal star continued to rise, he managed to find time to serve local and international ministries. He came to know inner-city injustice, and the people affected, from his time mentoring a young man in West Dallas. He also worked internationally with a ministry focused on blotting out slavery and human trafficking by pressuring governments to enforce laws already on the books.  Continue reading...

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