Flight Attendants' Deal With American Airlines Regional Carrier Awards Raises and More Hours

Flight attendants at American Airlines' regional carrier PSA approved a new contract with pay raises, more guaranteed hours and a signing bonus worth up to $1,800.It could be the first of four new deals American Airlines needs to sign with flight attendants across its carriers in the coming months -- including ongoing contract negotiations with 25,000 union members at the mainline carrier based in Fort Worth."Pay is always the biggest issue, especially when you have flight attendants that are working for the same company making different amounts," said Taylor Garland, spokeswoman for the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA that covers the PSA workers.The two groups started negotiating a deal in 2017, Garland said.PSA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines and flies in aircraft marked American Eagle. The company is based out of Dayton, Ohio and mostly carries passengers on short-haul flights between smaller cities.The PSA contract covers about 1,300 flight attendants and gives pay raises of 6% to 19%, two extra holidays a year, a monthly guarantee of 75 working hours, and other benefits.  Continue reading...

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