Flashback: Tarrant County Nudists Threw Caution, Clothing to the Wind

Like to walk around in your birthday suit? Worry about getting enough Vitamin D? The 1930's had a great option for you: nudist colonies. In 1933 a group of more than fifty prominent Forth Worth young people formed their own nudist colony in the woods on the edge of town. Why?Simple. They wanted to "engage in their hobbies of psychology, astrology and nature, and a general pursuit of health." Far from a salacious affair, the colony genuinely just wanted to hang out, exercise together, and take a lot of "sun baths". The people who originally formed the colony included married and unmarried couples, their children, some "stags" and "single maidens". To keep it all on the up and up they even hired a "physical instructor" who was educated about the "pitfalls" and "assets" of nudism.   Continue reading...

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