Flashback: ‘Pothead' and ‘Funky' Amongst Words Added to Dictionary in 1973

Editor's note: Take a look back into The Dallas Morning News archives.As language expands and reflects contemporary culture, our dictionaries do as well. Miriam Webster added 150 new words to the dictionary Monday, including fro-yo, sriracha and pregame. In 1975, Miriam Webster added "contemporary American pop words" of the time, such as icky, rip-off, funky and pothead. They also added short version of words used in replacement of the formal word, such as info, veep and maxi. Some argued that adding these short words and fad phrases "would pollute the language," however they can still regularly be heard on a daily basis. Little did they know that Veep would be the title of a popular show.  Continue reading...

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