Flashback: JFK's Children Modeled Halloween Costumes in the Oval Office

Just a few short weeks before his assassination in Downtown Dallas, John F. Kennedy's children excitedly showed off their Halloween costumes to their father in the Oval Office.In these photos, Caroline and Jack Kennedy, along with their cousin, Maria Shriver, model their capes and masks for the president. Jack wore a large orange hat, while Caroline completed her look by toting a black cat.It's hard to see these photos knowing that these children's worlds would soon be turned upside down. After JFK's assassination, 6-year-old Caroline, seemed to understand what happened, while Jack, not quite 3, understood less- he walked through their Washington, D.C. home upset that he didn't have "anyone to play with."These photos, however, don't hint at what's to come. Instead, they're full of the joy of Halloween and the happiness of family life, featuring JFK in an important role- not as the president, not as a martyr, but simply as a dad.  Continue reading...

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