Flashback: Being a Dallas Model in the 1940s Was Harder Than It Looked

Editor's note: Take a look back into The Dallas Morning News archives.Think you have what it takes to be a model in the 1940s? The Dallas Morning News followed around Miss Jean Cash, a local Dallas model in 1940 to bust myths about the ease of the glamorous model lifestyle. Although the photos of Cash are charming, the editor of the piece Truman Pouncey was quick to point out that it was not all taffeta and smiles. Pouncey pointed out that make up and hair-doing was like shaving for men; "quite a chore after the first 1,000 rounds." You also had to be able pose in front of "5,000 watt lights" that would make you sweat off your expensive makeup, while smiling "easily, gently naturally," keeping your face muscles in place for a full second.Continue below for pictures of Miss Jean Cash making it all look effortless...  Continue reading...

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