First Amendment Rights, Freedom Take Center Stage in McKinney ISD After Teachers' Controversial Tweets

MCKINNEY -- The recent crusade against religion in public schools started after McKinney ISD's superintendent led a prayer in August at a back-to-school staff convocation. Then, a small group of people rallied at school board meetings to defend the age-old separation of church and state fight. But the discovery that two Cockrill Middle School teachers posted anti-Islamic and anti-LGBT tweets drew a crowd to Tuesday night's meeting that wasn't so small -- or quiet. Parents and community members packed the school board auditorium -- with more spilling out into the lobby -- to debate the controversial issue, even though it wasn't on the agenda. Some came to defend the first amendment rights of the teachers, Mark Russell and Justin Barton -- who have both since resigned. Others argued that the tweets showed a lack of tolerance toward non-Christian and LGBT groups.  Continue reading...

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