Firefighters Reunite With Loved Ones After Two Weeks of Saving Harvey Victims

The tearful reunions took place in an airplane hangar, after a convoy of fire engines, vans, SUVs and trucks carrying canoes marked the end of a two-week journey. Hensley Field Service Center in Dallas was the final stop for Task Force 2, a group of 70 firefighters who joined a contingent of rescue teams deployed to South Texas. Together, the teams made more than 1,000 rescues and 25,000 searches for victims of Hurricane Harvey.The mission had worried families back home, but everyone was grateful Thursday when the trip ended. They were all safe, and none of them encountered anyone who had been killed by the storm.A little girl who stood outside the hangar, repeatedly asking "Where's daddy?" finally spotted Lewisville firefighter Brian Luyster, and ran up to him. He picked her up and embraced her as others started running to familiar faces.  Continue reading...

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