Fired Cop Who Killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards Indicted for Murder

The fired Balch Springs cop who shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards was indicted Monday on a murder charge by a Dallas County grand jury.Roy Oliver fired his rifle April 29 into a car of teenagers leaving a party. Police Chief Jonathan Haber originally said the black Chevrolet Impala was aggressively backing up toward Oliver and Officer Tyler Gross. Then, he corrected the information and said the car was driving away at the time Oliver fired. Jordan, who sat in the front passenger seat, was struck in the head.Oliver's attorney and Jordan's family could not immediately be reached for comment.Oliver was indicted last month on two aggravated assault charges after accusations he pulled a gun on two people in an unrelated road-rage incident weeks earlier. District Attorney Faith Johnson said then Oliver was a "danger to the community." That case was investigated more thoroughly after Jordan's death. Originally Dallas police said no crime occurred.No date has been set for Oliver's trial. He is free on a $700,000 bond.  Continue reading...

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