Find Gardens, Ruins and Sublime Ocean Views in Oaxaca

As I checked into my room at the Montecito Beach Village in Huatulco, Mexico, the clerk showing me the amenities of the room announced that I would have a beautiful view of the sunrise."Don't you mean sunset?" I gently corrected as I looked out at the Pacific Ocean."No," she smiled patiently. "We give you both — sunrises and sunsets."I'm really not a sunrise person. Celebrating the glorious rays at the end of the day is more my style.That's why a winter getaway to Mexico's Pacific Coast sounded so perfect. Warm temperatures, pitchers of margaritas and front-row seats to sunsets.So, such a destination might require a geography lesson. Huatulco is in the southern state of Oaxaca where the Mexican coastline begins to run east-west rather than north-south.  Continue reading...

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