Fight Over ‘Strong Arm' Lawyer Brian Loncar's Estate Pits County Judge Clay Jenkins Against Some in Family

When super-lawyer Brian "the Strong Arm" Loncar died last year, he left an estate worth tens of millions of dollars, if not more. Now, a close friend and some family members of Loncar's have accused the estate's executor -- Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins -- of undermining Loncar's wishes and trying to take over the lucrative Loncar law practice while taking advantage of grieving family members. Jenkins called the allegations false and said that he's doing the best he can for Loncar's heirs. In an interview, Jenkins' lawyers alleged that an opposing attorney is making "spurious allegations" and described what they say are "ulterior motives" by that attorney. Loncar, 56, died of a cocaine overdose in December, a week after his teenage daughter, Grace, killed herself in the family's Highland Park home. Shortly after, Jenkins and another lawyer close to Loncar, Larry Friedman, each separately tried to buy Loncar & Associates, according to Jenkins' lawyers.   Continue reading...

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