Fiery Debate on Charter Partnership Renewed at Dallas School Board Meeting

A controversial deal to convert some prekindergarten classrooms into charter campuses within the Dallas school district on Thursday again drew sharp criticism from opponents who say they worry about the privatization of public education. In the spring, DISD trustees approved a plan to convert 10 preschools that were already part of partnerships with nonprofits into charter schools run mostly free from district authority. DISD was taking advantage of a new state law that gives districts more money if a campus is converted to a charter. The Texas Education Agency gave provisional approval of the district's plan but required DISD to tweak the agreements making it is clear that the operating partner has "full autonomy" concerning teachers and staff employed at the campus. The board was to vote Thursday night on finalizing those changes. But that promoted several dozen opponents to show up at the meeting to reiterate their displeasure with the changes. "We don't need charter schools. We need help to better our kids' future," Sematra Brown said. The Dallas mother said her son struggles with dyslexia and that students like him need more support rather than the district wasting resources on the charter partnerships.   Continue reading...

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