Feud Erupts Between Comedian Patton Oswalt and Sen. John Cornyn: It’s Vulgarian Vs. ‘pearl Clutcher'

WASHINGTON--Sen. John Cornyn picked a fight Tuesday with comedian Patton Oswalt.Twitter exploded in his face.Cornyn’s campaign spent the day dusting off some of Oswalt’s many, many outrageous, offensive and raunchy comments after he appeared in Democrat MJ Hegar’s video announcing that she had jumped into the Senate race.And Oswalt hit back without mercy, or filter.It was a lopsided fight.Oswalt has nearly 4.5 million followers on Twitter, vastly more than Cornyn’s 199,000, plus 4,127 for Team Cornyn, his campaign account - the one he used to send out a string of tweets trying to tar Hegar for being overly chummy with such a vulgarian.  Continue reading...

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