Federal Regulators Reject Energy Secretary Rick Perry's Plan to Prop Up Coal, Nuclear Power

WASHINGTON — An independent federal agency has rejected Energy Secretary Rick Perry's plan to boost coal and nuclear power, handing the former Texas governor a surprise loss on what's emerged as a signature issue of his tenure so far.The GOP-controlled Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Monday terminated a proceeding — started at Perry's request — that sought to bolster the "resiliency" of the nation's electricity grid by compensating power plants for the fuel they store on site.The commission, while saying the issue "warrants further attention," questioned the need for such a drastic change that would've roiled the energy industry."The proposed rule ... did not make a factual showing of a defined resilience need or allow a market or standards-based solution to solve that need," wrote Cheryl LaFleur, one of the Democratic commissioners on the often industry-friendly panel.  Continue reading...

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